Martyrs to the Creative Process

Sunrise Reflections

Another day in this hell

Time to make some tea

Just for the scent, some water

I wake up in the morning

So, am I really awake?

Morning is just a late night

Falling under you

Choke on your memory ghost

Air is dangerous for fish

But the water will drown me

Over The Forbidden

I want to make love to minds

In a private jet

Flying to Thailand one night

The night sky still seems so high

But I’m over the ocean

I’m under the — SEE — you don’t

Know the forbidden

Is this what they’re teaching now?

They teach us nothing but shit

Here! Piss there! And eat!

X = [ 1 (6² +M) ] + (IOP)

Listening to rap is good

Aggression and beat

Pretending that I’m so hood

Rich in the center lane of

Lights and groundhogs, Spring again

Is this another bad trip?

Or is it a dream?

I had/sold on Amazon

Ten ninety-nine and a dime

Please punish me for my crimes

Always. Shining. Drunk. Alive

One blind falls off in Malden

One was a lady

One willingly fell today

She told me she wanted love

In the core of an apple

But there was only knowledge

Worthless as that is

Knowledge can be a real bore

To be stupid is better

Always. Shining. Drunk. Alive.

—K. Cherie, RHT, HM, & JarvaLand

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